Directory fields

Fields for your A-Z Directory

Please use these field names for your CSV / excel file

Fields in orange are required

Store The name of the business - e.g. Bob's Bakery or A Cut Above Hairdressers

Address The address of the business - e.g. 22 Remington Street

Address2 The second line of the address (if required)

City -e.g. Winchester

State The county name - e.g. Hampshire

Zip The postcode

Country UK

Tags Add as many tags as possible of what the business sells - e.g., coffee, cakes, bread, cheese, shoes, handbags etc etc

Description  –  full text description if required

URL Website address - e.g.

Hours – List of opening hours

Phone Phone number

Email Contact email

Image Photo or logo (this should the URL where you have uploaded the image -eg.

Fax Fax number if required

Identifier – Your unique location identifier from an external database that can be used to update existing locations if required

The following can be added if required-


First Name 

Last Name




Facility Type

Office Phone

Mobile Phone

Contact Fax

Contact Email

Office Hours 

Contact Address 


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