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Push Notifications & Geo-Fencing

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Push notifications

Push notifications are a great way to engage with your customers.
Our apps have included this functionality for some time, but now push notifications are available with websites too!!!

How they work...

Users are asked when they download the app if they consent to push notifications being used.
If they accept, then users can be contacted by-
  • Sending notifications to all users, or splitting them by device type (IOS or Android)
  • Targeting specific geographic areas - as large or as small as you like - a single building, an area of town, a complete city - whatever you want.
Push notifications on apps pop up even if the app isn't being used.
Push notifications are now available with selected website browsers too!!

The user accepts receiving notifications when he uses your website.
We can then send users notifications directly to their screens (even mobile!).

Even if their browser isn't running - the messages still pop up.
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With Geo-Fencing we can 'fence' or segment geographical areas.
Push notifications will then automatically trigger (just once) when an app user enters this area.
The area, can be as small, or as large, as we like.
Numerous areas can also be Geo-Fenced simultaneously.

Want to know more about Push Notifications or Geo-Fencing?

Simply drop us a line and we'll get back to you.
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