The town-online package

Get EVERY business in your town online

How does town-online work?

Q.- There are businesses in my town without websites. Can town-online help?
A.- Yes; this is just what town-online is designed for. Just select the website package size you want for your town.

Q.- Most of our retailers have their own websites, but many are a little old and could do with an upgrade. Can they have a town-online website?
A.- Absolutely! Each town-online package includes 200, 500 or 1,000 websites. Who has them is entirely up to you. It is an ideal opportunity for businesses to upgrade their older sites.

Q.- I've signed my town up for town-online. What do I do now?
A.- Simply tell your businesses to go to and sign up for their free new website. You give them a code which cancels the payment requirement at checkout - that's it.

Q.- How do businesses select their domain name?
A.- Businesses choose a name when they sign up. Java Coffee might choose 'Java-coffee' for example. His domain would then become It's as simple as that...

Q.- Lots of the businesses in our town aren't great with technology - that's why they haven't got a website.
A.- town-online uses a super simple edit system called WebCreator.In conjunction with our  clear and concise tutorial videos, even complete novices can have a great website up and running in no time.

Q.- Even it is very easy, some of our businesses just want someone to do it for them.
A.- No problem - we provide a fully managed solution where we build the website. This option can be included in the town-online package if required, at an extra cost we will agree upfront.

Q.- What happens about updates and changes to the businesses' websites?
A.- Every business gets their own login and access to the town-online package - they can make as many changes and updates to their websites as they like - for no charge.

Q.- Do the websites have to use the town-online domains (URLs) or can they use their own domain names?
A.- Yes they can use their own domain names. They simply set up their own domain to 'point' to the town-online domain and visitors carrying on using their existing domain as before.

Q.- Our businesses want online shops. Can these be added to the town-online websites?
A.- Yes they can - full e-commerce capability can easily be integrated into any town-online site. We can agree a simple, upfront charge for this.

Q.- Can the town-online websites be set up to take payments (via Paypal, Stripe etc)?
A.- Yes; payment integration is easy with our e-commerce integrations.

Q.- Do the town-online sites work on mobiles?
A.- town-online websites are fully responsive and look fantastic on mobile, tablets and desktops.

Q.- Our town is interested in setting up a Click and Collect system. Can this be done with town-online?
A.- Yes. We can discuss with you how this can be set up.

Q.- We would like to include ads on our businesses' websites - that the town takes a share in - can this be done with town-online?
A.- Yes. Pay-per-click ads can be added to businesses' town-online websites if required.

Q.- One of our businesses hasn't paid his business rates. Can we turn his website off?
A.- Yes. You will have full control over who has a town-online website and who doesn't.

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