The town-onlinePRO package

Your local brand on every website in town


  • Totally white label - your town's brand and domain name on everything
  • As many websites as you wish - in packages of 200, 500 or 1,000+
  • Add townCONNECT - all your town's businesses in one network
  • Integrates seamlessly with Interactive Calendar and Dynamic Directory
  • Restrict numbers, or allow any business to create their own website - fully automatic; no admin required
  • Offer 'premium' packages with added extras
  • Offer websites free, or charge whatever you wish
  • No complicated payment set-up. We manage all that for you
  • Websites are fully responsive - mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Simple integration with E-commerce solutions - any website can be an online shop
  • Loads of features and extras - including table booking, calendars, You Tube, Google maps, image galleries etc etc 
  • Advertise on all websites if required
  • Pay per click advertising on websites
  • Message and advertise on each individual businesses' CMS - you have a direct mouthpiece to every business in town who uses your websites
  • State of the art HTML5 technology
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